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Bar hopping – Review of 3 Austin Bars

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January 23, 2007 by Ryan Joy

Not having anything better to occupy our time last night, Jade, Bryan, and I turned to our favorite pastime — DRINKING! But where? Two shots of whiskey later, we were ready embark on our journey. We didn’t so much plan on visiting any of these places as much as they became apparent through the novelty of mobile Internet and a will for discovery.

Scoot Inn
1308 East 4th St.
Apparently this bar (formerly Red’s Scoot Inn) was set to disappear from the libations landscape when the owners of Longbranch Inn saved the day and made it even better. This venerable East Austin bar was built in 1871. It’s very comfortable feeling with its inviting smells — in that earthy, old way — and old-fashioned wicker lamps. Oh, and it now features a large bier garten.

Longbranch Inn
1133 East 11th St.

I’d been to the Longbranch a few times before, but for Jade & Bryan it was a new experience. It had the largest crowd of our cold, Monday night sojourn and boasted the same friendly atmosphere that seems to perpetually hang around that place. I think the fact that they had a fire going helped.

Firehouse Lounge
605 Brazos St.

The Firehouse Lounge’s website lists it as “one of Austin’s best kept secrets” and after visiting I can attest to that. There’s nothing spectacular about the place, but if you’ve spent enough time on Sixth you’ll appreciate the comfortable atmosphere, music at a reasonable enough level to be able to hold a conversation, and LOTS of sitting areas throughout. This place seems pretty swanky. I look forward to visiting it again next time I seek a reprieve from the Sixth Street doldrums.

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