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Ice Storm ’07 – Craps diversions


January 17, 2007 by Ryan Joy

For the second day in a row, Bryan, Kelcey, Jade and I have been ice-bound at the house. I’ve been able to work from home for both days, but it’s difficult to stay indoors for days on end.
Ice Storm '07 - Craps diversionsIncreasingly, we’ve had to come up with diversions to keep ourselves from dying of boredom. And since we’re going to Vegas in about 10 days, what better way than self-administered training sessions?


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First thing Bryan and I did was create our Craps table based on this image. We used the underside of the wooden coffee table which happened to work perfectly for this project.

Ice Storm '07 - Craps diversions

Ice Storm '07 - Craps diversions

Ice Storm '07 - Craps diversions

We used Splenda packets as chips. I think all in all it was a great learning experience for Bryan, Kelcey, and Jade. Now we’re ready to win BIG MONEY.

  • Mandy

    I Love it! You creative Geniuses you. Have fun in Vegas!

  • Oh, we will!