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Facebook f8 – Attempting to change the online landscape…

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May 25, 2007 by Ryan Joy

I’ve told anyone who would listen for some time now that Facebook was the future in social networks. It’s underlying technology blows away anything MySpace or Bebo brings to the table. LinkedIn is a more comparable site.

Now Facebook has announced their new online platform strategy, f8, which seeks to approach an online operating system serving it’s extensive network with third-party web apps from providers such as Amazon.com, Microsoft, Obama for America, and Warner Bros. Records.

According to Dan Farber, other developers at at the Facebook f8 launch include:

30 Boxes; All Widgets, LLC; Amazon.com; Attendio; Bitnik; Blue Nile; Box.net; Bunchball; Channels.com; Chumby Industries; CollegeHumor; Digg, Dogster Inc.; EF Tours; Ether; Fantasy Moguls; FASHION FOR THE PEOPLE; FeedBurner, Inc.; Fliptrack, Inc.; Forbes.com; FORD MODELS; Glimpse.com; HOT or NOT; Jangl; Jaxtr; Jobster; Lending Club; LocalPlatform LLC; Microsoft Corp.; MOG; Mosoto; Obama for America; Oodle; Photobucket, Inc.; Photojojo; Pickspal; Platial; Plum; Project Agape; Prosper.com; QOOP, Inc.; Radar; Rapleaf; Red Bull Energy Drink; RockYou!; Rupture; Scrapblog; Scribd; SideStep, Inc.; Slide; Snapvine, Inc.; SplashCast, Inc.; TERRALEVER; Twitter, Inc.; Uber; uPlayMe; Veoh Networks, Inc.; viagogo; VIRGIN MOBIL USA; Warner Bros. Records; Washington Post; Newsweek Interactive; Widgetbox; and YackPack.

Exciting stuff!

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