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May 1, 2007 by Ryan Joy

Wondering why the local Austin paper doesn’t have a Twitter account so I can get updates like NYT. Ryan, thoughts?
Paul Menard via Twitter

Well, it’s true that you can find Twitter accounts for the New York Times, CNN, BBC, TechCrunch, et al. However, it’s not clear how many of those are actually official branding efforts by those media organizations. In fact, the open nature of the Twitter API and the fact that these companies offer their latest headlines as RSS feeds mean anyone can create a news “river”.

Regardless I had to take up the challenge after being called out directly. I quickly registered accounts from both and A quick and dirty PHP script later set up as a cron job and voila! While these sites are among those of my employer, my Twitter accounts do not constitute an “official” use of this syndication method. The NYTimes twitter was set up in a similar vein by Jacob Harris

Update: I’ve turned off the cron job until some sort of contextual relevance can be offered to any potential users. Breaking news, weather, jury verdicts, traffic, ticket sales, event listings, A-List events are all options.

What are your thoughts? What kind of updates would you be interested in receiving?

  • Ryan,

    I didn’t mean you directly should do this. Was thinking more someone from the Statesman would be doing this. Regardless this is fantastic! Thanks.

  • Nice! Our friends over at the AJC also have one up at

  • Paul,
    I am from the Statesman and if it has to do with online then I want to be a part of it. 🙂