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Salt Lake City: Snowboarding!


January 30, 2008 by Ryan Joy

Jade, Bryan, and I took a snowboarding trip to Salt Lake City, Utah January 24-29th. Neither of them had ever even seen real snow and none of us had ever been skiing, snowboard, or otherwise.

We drove from SLC to Eden and stayed in a vacation condo at Wolf Creek Resort, which we found through Valley Lodging. I thought it was a pretty good deal for a group of three and it was absolutely beautiful in any direction.

Our 3-day rentals and first-time lessons were purchased at Powder Mountain, though we really ended up splitting our time between there and Wolf Mountain: one of the country’s largest at 5,000 acres and Utah’s smallest at around 85 acres. Honestly though, Wolf Mountain was perfect for our needs. Only on the third day was I confident enough to take on the majority of Powder Mountain’s green trails. Oh, and we were able to use our $23 half-day lift ticket to ski into the night at Wolf.

I made good on my promises not to break anything though I did bust my shoulder up a bit and even went to the doctor for it.


    On the ski lift Jade on the ski lift Jade is sizing up the run Mountains! 

More photos at

I had a great time and can’t look forward to doing it again next year!

  • Holly Marshall

    It looks like yall had a blast! Take a trip with yo Moma sometime… I would love to go with you!!!!