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Twitter Updates for 2008-01-24

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January 24, 2008 by Ryan Joy

  • *chiming in to @twitterpeeps* Well, there’s a .an, but it’s closed to foreigners. I will be appealing to the Netherlands Antilles. #
  • Tried to create @twitterpeeps account after I referenced it but was told "Username can not contain ‘twitter’" – damn. #
  • Heading to the Austin Creative Commons Salon @ Cafe Caffeine because I’m curious and it’s close to my house. I’ll prolly not stay long tho. #
  • Got to Cafe Caffeine only to find out that the Creative Commons thing is *next* month. ah well… #
  • I ended up meeting the Mac Guru ( and had a great conversation with him. He may be an asset in the future… #
  • Taking my roommate to the airport for our trip to Utah. My flight is not for another 12 hrs. #
  • Looks like the State Bar of Texas is moving into our building. They join LatinWorks and State Farm Ins. as confirmed neighbors of ours. #

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