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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-24

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September 24, 2008 by Ryan Joy

  • @Sledd congrats! That’s great! #
  • Largest bailout in U.S. history could potentially cost every American man, woman and child $2,300. Not to mention the money already loaned. #
  • Treasury Secretary Paulson, worth about $700 million, says “I share the outrage that people have”. Do you believe him? Me neither. #
  • The architects of this bailout have been wrong or worse, deceitful, about everything since this crisis began. Why trust their judgement now? #
  • table near me at Torchy’s was very upset over bailout. They seemed conservative, lawyer types. I love that people of all stripes are pissed. #
  • wow. Twitter community is abuzz and insulted that McCain is suspending his campaign and postponing debate #
  • @michellegreer He may be genuine, but neither are members of the committees that are considering this. Sure, come back to vote, but post … #
  • @michellegreer this debate unfortunately will not cover the economy, unless as a tangent. The earlier agreed upon topic is foreign policy. #
  • @pat_ramsey I’m actually on both sides of this issue. It wouldn’t bother me if they were in DC, taking leadership on the $1 Trillion pkg … #
  • @pat_ramsey but they can do that from the campaign too. They’re not skipping finance commitee mtngs that they’re a member of. #
  • ok, turning off twitter and the news feeds in the browsers for the rest of the afternoon… It’s way too distracting today. #
  • I aquired my .com name from a domain squatter today. I think the price paid is worth it in the long run. – #

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