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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-24

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April 24, 2009 by Ryan Joy

  • Had great conversations w/ @baldman, @sarahjoyjones, @johnpeltier, and @avemii et al. tonight at the Ginger Man. Oh, the beer was good too. #
  • Just saw that my tax refund from this year was just direct deposited. Sweet. I, for one, am not complaining. #
  • My phone’s beta OS ‘expired’ again this morning. I think next time I’ll heed the ‘DO NOT USE FOR PRODUCTION’ warning ‘cuz it’s a hassle. #
  • I’m going to buy a professional meat slicer this weekend. We’ll see how many fingers I have left in two weeks time. #
  • @natanyap Except for Scrooge, I’m not sure I’d qualify any of those as common. I will, however, use more of them in daily conversation. #
  • I’ve been a Quicken user for what seems like forever and I’m a meticulous manager of my finances. So, would I like What say you? #
  • @tolar Sweet news on the Epicurious iPhone App! It’s my fave recipe site by far, so I look forward to it in the iTunes store. #
  • @alamocitypundit I’m sorry, wth does ‘typical lib’ have to do w/ the F-22 issue? Sec. Gates made his intentions clear in Febuary… of ’08! #

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