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Tiggzi Windows 8 Developer Challenge

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December 14, 2012 by atxryan

There’s been yet another Windows 8 contest announced, this time by Tiggzi. Check it out at http://tiggzi.com/windows8.

Tiggzi is a platform that allows you to create your HTML5/JavaScript Windows 8 application completely in the browser. It enables developers of all skill levels to rapidly create complete apps including user interfaces, application logic, and back-end integration.

Submit by January 31st for 1st Challenge or by February 28th for 2nd Challenge

How to Submit

  • Reserve your spot in the challenge now!
  • Develop your app and get it in the Windows Store using this guide.
  • Submit your Windows Store app to the challenge.

What Tiggzi is Looking For

  • Usefulness, Quality
  • Built using Tiggzi App Builder
  • Uses Tiggzi back-end services (such as Tiggzi Database)
  • Use of Native Windows 8 features such as Live Tiles, Snap View, Integration with Search Charm

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