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SXSW 2013

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February 25, 2013 by atxryan

Update: This may be the most important thing you read all SXSW. I will be talking to developers and designers all weekend. I will be at the events below. So what? I will be giving away a lot of Microsoft Surfaces, too. ūüôā I encourage you to do two things: 1.) Find me at one of these listed events. 2. Follow me on¬†Twitter/FourSquare¬†to find out where I’m at any given time!

SXSW is just around the corner. Just like last year, I’ll be spending more time at unofficial events than I will at the actual conference. This year I’ll be running around hosting events with developers and partners all across Austin.

I’ve highlighted those events with which I’m directly involved. I hope you’ve RSVP’d for each of them!

Thursday, March 7th

Friday, March 8th

Saturday, March 9th

Sunday, March 10th

Monday, March 11th

Tuesday, March 12th

Wednesday, March 13th

SXSW is opening up their entire Gaming Expo up to the public:

I need to begin resting my body and liver.

What about you? Which events are you looking forward to attending?


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