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Microsoft Imagine Fund

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January 17, 2014 by atxryan

There’s an exciting opportunity for tech student startups. Get funded: $10,000 USD to build your startup

  • Learn the Skills: Enrollment in 10 week virtual startup school
  • Be seen: Publicity and attention to your startup
  • Represent the US: Compete in the 2014 Imagine Cup World Finals in Seattle in July

Check out the details on the Microsoft Imagine Fund details below. Also, note that the deadline for 2014 is February 1st!!

Microsoft Imagine Fund

Microsoft wants to help student tech startups get seed funding, receive mentoring/skill building and create iterations of their minimum viable product (MVP).  Which student startups can participate?  Startups that are building mobile applications or cloud based services will be the best fit.  Students retain all the IP rights and everything they develop.  What’s in it for Microsoft?  We want the best and brightest student startups to bring their “A” game to our platform.

What’s required?  To be accepted into the Microsoft Imagine Fund the student startup needs to turn their elevator pitch into text and video for the online application form at (from the top nav select apply and complete the application) by February 1st, 2014 .  The form is pretty minimal so this is not a great hurdle.  Once accepted the students will bring their startup idea to Windows 8, Windows Phone and/or Windows Azure (cloud).  They’ll get plenty of help along the way to make that happen.

Wanna launch a tech startup? Get funded. Learn the skills. Apply now. (select apply from the top nav)

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