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Gmail, Google Buzz & related Google services…
I’m atxryan across the Googleverse.
Connect with me professionally on LinkedIn.
I take a lot of photos. They are posted on my Flickr account.
The majority of my online sharing activities appear on Twitter. I also curate a number of lists of interest to me.
What can I say? It’s Facebook.
Stack Overflow
Mostly I find answers, but occasionally I provide answers of my own on Stack Overflow.
GitHub is the best way to collaborate with others. It’s also the service I choose to version my own personal source code repos. I like to watch.
Curious as to my listening tastes? Connect with me on Last.FM. *Warning: You’ll find that it’s mostly podcasts.
Here I check in to my favorite places around Austin or wherever I may be.
Do you frequently find yourself in cities far from home? Perhaps we’ll cross paths. You can see where I’m at on TripIt.
Can you guess my username on Skype? Yep, it’s atxryan.
I track my runs on DailyMile.
et al.
Want to connect on a service not listed here? Chances are I’m atxryan, or I don’t find value in the service.
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    Looking forward to attending your Edge+Edge presentation tonight!