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  1. Effortlessly switch between computers using Synergy

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    June 17, 2008 by Ryan Joy

    My development environment consists of a Dell PC (with dual flat panel displays) and my Macbook Pro. I’d LOVE to …
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  2. Language Buddies

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    May 11, 2008 by Ryan Joy

    I recently helped a coworker’s wife set up a WordPress site for her new Austin-based business: Language Buddies, An Immersion …
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  3. & now on Twitter


    May 1, 2007 by Ryan Joy

    Wondering why the local Austin paper doesn’t have a Twitter account so I can get updates like NYT. Ryan, thoughts? …
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  4. StatesmanShopping v1.0 Launched

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    April 3, 2007 by Ryan Joy

    Today we launched the first version of a project started in mid-January: StatesmanShopping I might write more on this later…

  5. It feels good to be recognized by an entire industry

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    February 6, 2007 by Ryan Joy

    Last week won the 2007 Digital Edge Award for Best Design and Site Architecture from the Newspaper Association of …
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