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Office Hours


I hold weekly Office Hours, typically on Thursdays from 12pm to 2pm.

What are Office Hours?

Simple, it’s a time where I’ll be available, usually in-person, for folks who are working on Windows 8 apps to come by and ask questions, show off apps in progress, and in general get help getting their apps in shape for publishing to the Windows Store. I’ll also will be able to help with Windows Phone 8 apps and Windows Azure questions… I just may have to do additional research before I can get you an answer.


Please sign up for a slot via the button above so that I can manage my time more effectively, and let me know if you’re coming to get some questions answered (and a heads-up on the questions will give me some time to do any needed homework) or just to spend some quiet time coding. Feel free to email me at ryanjoy [at]